The Emergency Pump System is an economical hand pump with YOU in mind. It is light weight, and can be installed in less than an hour with out professional assistance in most cases. Not only is the EPS easy to install, it is easy to use. Unlike most hand pumps, the EPS delivers water on both the up and down stroke. Along with pumping on both strokes, the plunger mechanism in the EPS has a smooth action, making it a pleasure to operate. The Emergency Pump System was designed by one of Independent Drilling's partners, Rod Hendricks

Unlike most hand pumps that use leathers,the EPS utilizes a unique plunger system that is made totally out of plastic.Heavy wear and decay are not a problem with the EPS.Usually, a pump truck or hoist is needed to set a cistern or hand pump due to the weight of the pump & pipe. The EPS can be set by hand because of its light weight.There are many hand pumps that look like the EPS, but don't be fooled!The pumps that look similar to the EPS, do not operate like the EPS.They pump water only on one stroke. The EPS produces water on both the up and down strokes.The Emergency Pump System can produce 5 gallons of water per minute. This is all due to the plunger mechanism.Many hand pumps can only draw water from 12 feet. The EPS can pump at static levels 100 feet or higher.

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