About Us


In 1977 Independent Drilling started business, but our history goes back much further.  In 1959 Our founder, Brent Hendricks, was a Junior in high school when his brother married the daughter of a local well driller.  That summer when the business got busy the owner of that company asked his new son-in-law if he knew anyone who would want a summer job.  Long story short, a career was born. 

A few years went by, then an opportunity arose to move to northern Idaho and become a partner in a drilling business.  All went well for a few more years, then unexpectedly, Brent’s father had a serious heart attack and needed help around the house.  This was a good reason to move back to southeastern Idaho and start a new business.  Times were hard on the growing family and business, but with persistence, the company went from a cable rig to a rotary machine in just 1 year.

In the mid 80's, Brent’s Son Rod became the “pump man” for the business.  Everything went well with Brent drilling and Rod doing the pump work, but the company started experiencing the need for growth after a few years.  Soon Brent’s Son-in-law Kelly joined the business as a driller.  This helped alleviate some of the work load on the other two. 

In 1994 Brent, Rod, and Kelly formed a partnership, and the small company began to grow again.  Soon it became necessary to open a full time store and office to keep up with the growing demands of the community, and in 1997 our first retail store was opened. This led to increased business which led to the need for more equipment and personnel.  Currently Independent Drilling Inc. has 3 locations, one located in Blackfoot, one located in Ashton, and one located in Soda Springs.  We employ 4 full time drill crews and 3 full time pump people along with a full office staff.  With 6 Rotary drill rigs, and 3 cable rigs, and 4 pump trucks available Independent drilling can handle any domestic or Commercial drilling project that comes along.