What do you do when the power fails ?
  Emergency Pump System is the Answer !!!

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Independent Drilling  has the expertise to provide the information which will help you to understand what it takes to drill a well and where.  When you contact Independent Drilling to discuss well drilling, our desire is that you are informed and educated about drilling a well, this enables you to make a solid decision.  With almost four decades of water well drilling wisdom behind us, we can provide you with all the information available to us.

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Well Testing
How to take a water sample
Coliform Testing
Top 20 Test
Well Disinfection

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of a typical well




Independent Drilling  
can provide a variety of services such as:

Water Well Drilling
Deepening of Existing Water Wells
(not all wells can be deepened)
Sand Screening of Wells
Drilling Monitor Wells
Sealing of Abandoned Wells
Installing PVC Liner
Drill Irrigation Wells
Drill Commercial Wells
Install Pumps in New Wells
        Install Complete Water Pumping Systems
        Repair or Replace Water System Components
        Install Pressure Tanks
        Install Cycle Stop Valves
                De-Waterlog  Pressure Tanks
        Replace Electrical Control Boxes
        Replace Pressure Switches
        Trouble Shoot Pump Systems
        Water Quality Testing
        Well Flow Testing
        Install and Repair Holding Tank Systems
                        Annual Preventative Maintenance Checks
        Water Conditioning Equipment